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Town of Saratoga in Wisconsin

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ATV Route Ordinance
Adopting the Wood County All Hazards Mitigation Plan
Building Code
Compression Brakes
Conditions for Maintaining a Class B Beverage license
Defining and Prohibiting Public Nuisances
Dog Ordinance
Driveway Ordinance
Fence Ordinance
Housing Standards
Interim Zoning Ordinance
Issuing Citations for Violations of Town Ordinances
Livestock Operation Ordinance
Manure Storage Ordinance
Metallic Mining License Ordinance
Mobile Home Ordinance
New Business Ordinance
Opt-In for Category B-IOHs to Comply with the Table of Statutory Weight Limits Under Sec. 348.15(3)(b)
Ordianance Requiring Payment of Local Claims as Condition of Obtaining or Renewing Town Issued Licenses or Permits
Ordinance Approving Change in Town Boundary Pursuant to Boundary Agreement between Town of Saratoga and Village of Port Edwards
Ordinance Establishing Fire Protection Charges
Ordinance Establishing Jurisdication and Duties of Constable
Ordinance Establishing a Municipal Court
Ordinance Imposing Moratorium
Prohibit Application of Liquid Animal Manures Using Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
Ratifying Town Zoning Ordinance
Repealing Interim Zoning Ordinance
Repealing Moratorium Ordinance
Sign Ordinance
Sign Ordinance - Amendment
Town Board Approval of Zoning Ordinance and Referrel to Wood County
Town Board Approveal of Zoning Ordinance and Referral to Wood County-April 2016
Ward Division and Designating a Polling Place
Winter Parking Restrictions
Zoning Appendix
Zoning Map
Zoning Ordinance



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